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Bermuda Lawn Rejuvenation

Here is another Woodstock Ga Lawn Care transformation by Sharplawns Turf Care…

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The Problem:   Above we have a picture of a lawn we took on way back in 2012. This is a Bermuda Lawn that is actually relatively healthy besides the massive weed problem..  After a few years of neglect and no treatments the weeds really took over this lawn.

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The Solution:  This above image is about 5 months after we started this customer on a customized Woodstock Ga lawn care program.  We started with round #1 in February of 2012 with a pre-emergent and weed control treatment and by June this was the results.

How our Woodstock Ga Lawn Care Program works:  Our Fertilization and Weed Control Program is an excellent program that goes hand and hand with good cultural and maintenance practices.  Every lawn and its situation is different and we work with you to develop a treatment plan as well as guide you along the way to make sure everything is done on correctly  on your end with the mowing and watering while we get the proper products down at the correct time of year so we get the best results possible.

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