Bermuda Lawn - Dormant

Bermuda in Dormant Stage

Its that time of year.. the cold season. Bermuda lawns are dormant at this time, and there is alot less that needs to be done maintenance wise. We still have a few months to go until green up.. So, I wanted to take some time to explain what you can expect from your lawn and lawn care program at this time in Woodstock, GA. If you did not have a pre-emergent applied in the fall then you may notice quite a few weeds popping up in your lawn at this time.  With the breaks in the cold days, we have had enough warm weather for weeds such as Poa-Annu and Henbit to start to break through.   Unfortunately, if you didn’t prevent these weeds with fall treatments, it may be some time before you get control of these weeds.

Cold Weather Weed Control

Post Emergent Weed control products can work very slow in the cold weather.  With broadleaf type of weeds such as henbit and chickweed it can take quite some time for the weeds to show signs of dying.  If your lawn weeds are seeming to be out of control at this time, don’t panic.  As the weather warms up, and you continue with your lawn treatment program these weeds will begin to decline as the grass breaks dormancy.  Unfortunately if you have grassy type of weeds such as Poa-Annua it can be very hard to control with post emergent treatments once they have germinated.   The good news though… These type of grassy weeds dies off with the summer heat, so with consistent care your lawn will progress nicely by the time the warm summer weather reaches us.

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